Choose Your Porch Potty

Porch Potty Accessories (customize your Porch Potty)

Porch Potty Premium
The first odor eliminator
designed for dog potties.
Porch Potty Premium
Water Timer
Completely automate your water
rinse cycle while you sleep.
Porch Potty Premium
Indoor Catch Basin
This self contained basin replaces
the drain hose if you can't use it.
Porch Potty Premium
Training Sod
Gives the scent of real grass and
helps with training. Lasts 4-8 weeks.
Porch Potty Cover
The Porch Potty Protective Lid
Keep your Porch Potty grass
fresh for your dog.

Replacement Parts (in case you need extras)

Porch Potty Premium
Synthetic Grass
Looks like real grass
and easy to clean.
Porch Potty Premium
Scented Fire Hydrant
Helps train your dog and gives
them an object to aim at..
Porch Potty Premium
Flexible Drain Hose
Replacement drain hose
to drain anywhere.
Porch Potty Premium
Monthly Training Sod
Get fresh Training Sod delivered to your
doorstep every month for a discount.